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Compensation for a Sedentary Lifestyle

Do you have a team of people who spend most of their day sitting? Do you see fatigue or a decline in performance among your employees? Do they suffer from back pain and wrist problems? All of these factors naturally lead to reduced comfort and poorer concentration, which often results in decreased productivity.

Do you care about the health of your employees and would like to do something about it? We can help you!

What can you expect?

"Sitting is the new smoking" and sedentary lifestyle has long been recognized as one of the major causes of many civilization diseases. However, movement does not necessarily mean lifting heavy weights in the gym. It can also be pleasant care and basic exercises that anyone can do.

Thanks to movement, your body will function better, which will reflect in everything you do - increased productivity, better mood, more energy, and the ability to move even in later age.

The aim of the training is to educate employees about the basics of healthy movement and provide them with a specific guide on how to gradually incorporate movement into their lives in a sustainable way. Additionally, each participant will receive an e-book summarizing the principles on how to stay fit even if you sit most of the day!

▪️ how to sit properly and set up your workspace
▪️ how to gradually incorporate movement into your life step by step
▪️ what to do/not to do at work and after work
▪️ how to relief back pain
▪️ a daily movement routine for the office
▪️ full body warm-up
▪️ breathing and core strengthening
▪️ basic movement patterns

The training is suitable for any company where employees spend most of their day sitting. If interested, the training can also be conducted in English. We can provide everything in our gym (Böhmova 2047/11, Brno) or at your company's premises (does not have to be located in Brno).

The training can be done as a one-time event, during which we will focus on the above-mentioned points, and you will have a general overview of how to gradually set up your lifestyle. The standard duration of the training is 2 hours, but it is possible to organize a longer and more comprehensive version.

If you would like to study individual topics in more depth, we can also arrange a series of trainings.

👇 If you are interested in the training at your company, please write to us via the form below, and we will contact you! 👇


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